Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Students

Students entering new postgraduate courses from September 2012 onwards will make their online application to SUSI.

Students entering new postgraduate courses from the 2015/16 academic year onwards will not be entitled to any maintenance payment under the Student Grant Scheme 2015.

Postgraduate students who meet the qualifying conditions for the special rate of grant will be eligible to have their post-graduate tuition fees paid up to the maximum fee limit (€6,270). Please note the income limit for the Special rate is €22,703.

A further limited number of students who would previously have qualified under the standard grant thresholds will qualify to have a €2,000 contribution made towards the costs of their fees.  The new income threshold for this payment is as follows:


No. of Dependent Children

Income Threshold

Less than 4




8 or more


+ increment for each additional relevant person

+ €4,830


Note: In the 2015/16 academic year, where the applicant plus one or more relevant persons are attending an approved course for the purposes of this Scheme or a full-time course of at least one year's duration in further or higher education and training in the State or any other Member State leading to a major award at Levels 5 to 10, of the framework of qualifications or to an equivalent qualification made by a recognised awarding body in the State or in another Member State, the reckonable income limit may be increased by an additional increment of €4,830 for each additional relevant person.

Tax relief is also available on postgraduate tuition fees. Details in relation to this relief are available from the Revenue Commissioners.

Postgraduate students continuing on their existing courses will not be affected by these changes.


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