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Can I apply for a student grant online?

Yes, the online application facility for the 2013/14 academic year is scheduled to be announced shortly.

Can I download an application form for a student grant?

No. The student grant application process is now an online process.

Can I submit an application for a student grant after the advertised closing date?

NO  you can not unless you have a permanent change in circumstances. It is highly recommended that you complete an online application as soon as you can after either completing your Leaving Certificate exams or if you are thinking about pursuing an approved course in 2013/14, but not later than the published closing date You will need to contact SUSI in relation to any application after that date – contact details are on the SUSI Support Desk page.

I have been approved for a grant but have decided not to take up the approved course offered to me for 2012-13. I am hoping to gain a place in a different (approved) course in the next academic year. Will the grant approval still be valid for the preferred course next year?

No. The offer of the student grant was for the 2012/13 academic year and it therefore  lapses. You will need to re-apply on-line next year.

I already have a qualification, or I have already completed part of  a course. Am I eligible for a grant if I return to college?

If you have previously attended third level, this may affect your eligibility for a grant.  If you already have a third level qualification, you will not get a grant if you start a new course at the same NFQ level (i.e. a course that does not represent a progression from your previous qualification), even if you did not get a grant in your previous course. 

Similarly, you will not get a grant if you repeat a year of your course, or if you start a new course having attended a year, or part of a year on another course (If you were only registered for, say, the first semester of a year, you would not be eligible for a grant for the first semester if you were to repeat or to change course the following year; you may however be eligible for a grant for the second semester) . The exception to this rule are ‘second chance students’ who may be eligible for a grant. A ‘second chance student’ is someone who , did not successfully complete an earlier course and is returning to do an approved course after a  5 year break in studies.

I have applied for an approved course in higher education, however, I may decide in September to take up an approved further education course. Am I required to fill out a further online grant application?

No. If you are approved for a grant you will, nearer the start of the academic year, be required to fill out a “Final Course Acceptance” form. This form will allow the awarding authority to complete the processing of your application in respect of the course being pursued.

Don’t wait until you decide what course you want to take up before applying for a student grant.

I have been approved for a grant, how will it be paid?

Students applying to SUSI will be paid on a monthly basis (nine instalments) by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into their own bank account. Continued payment will be contingent on verification of your attendance on the course by your college at regular intervals throughout the academic year.

The student contribution element of the fee grant will be paid directly to the college on your behalf.

Students continuing on their existing courses will continue to be paid as for the last academic year by their current grant awarding authority.

If my application for a student grant is refused, or I do not get the level of grant I expected, can I appeal the decision?

Yes, if you feel your application for a student grant has been incorrectly assessed you may appeal the decision of the awarding authority to its appeals officer – you must do that within 30 days of the awarding authority’s decision.

If after appealing the decision to the appeals officer you still feel that the student grant rules have not been interpreted correctly you may appeal this decision to the Department or the independent Appeals Board as appropriate – this must be done within 30 days of the appeals officer’s decision.

All appeals on grant applications made under the 2011 student grant scheme, and subsequent schemes, are appropriate to the independent Student Grants Appeals Board. This is provided for under the Student Support Act 2011. Grant applications under all previous schemes are appropriate to the Department of Education & Skills.

There was a change of circumstances since I applied for my course:

(a) I was awarded a part grant; can my grant award be reviewed?, or

(b) I didn’t make an application; can I submit a late application?

If you did not apply for a grant or did not satisfy the eligibility conditions to be awarded a full or part grant (i.e. for maintenance, student contribution or tuition fees) and changes of circumstances in relation to reckonable income or any of the circumstances listed below occurs you may become eligible to be assessed or re-assessed during the academic year.

In the event of changes of circumstances in the academic year relating to the following your eligibility for the grant may also be assessed or re-assessed during the academic year:

  • the number of dependent children;
  • where a relevant person commences an approved full-time course of further or higher education and training in the State or an EU Member State that leads to a major award at Levels 5 – 10 on the framework of qualifications, or an equivalent qualification, in the State of in another Member State;
  • normal residence;
  • nationality or immigration status;
  • change of course or institution.

More information is available here.

I have been approved for a student grant. A compulsory part of my higher education course will involve studying in a college abroad for one academic year. Will I still get the grant for this year away?

Yes, as long as the period abroad does not extend the normal duration of the approved course.

I have been approved for a student grant. A compulsory part of my higher education course will involve a field trip. Is there any assistance available towards the cost of the field trip?

Yes, eligible field trip expenditure for compulsory field trips may be funded for grant-holders who qualify for a full (100%) fee grant, or would have qualified for a full fee grant but for the Free Fee Schemes, provided the combined cost of the tuition fee, the student contribution and the cost of the field trip does not exceed the maximum fee limit of €6,270 for the 2013/14 academic year.

I have been approved for a student grant. A compulsory part of my higher education course will involve an off-campus placement. Will I still get the grant during the placement period?

Yes, as long as the placement is an integral part of your course and does not extend the normal duration of the approved course.

I have applied to my college for a scholarship/prize/bursary. If I am successful in this regard, will this affect my eligibility for a student grant?

No, as long as the scholarship, prize or bursary is being made by the institution being attended it will not exclude you from being eligible to hold a student grant.

If I am approved for the grant but do not receive payment shortly after I go to college what assistance is available?

There is no scheme that specifically supports students approved for a student grant but where the grant has not as yet been paid. The Student Assistance Fund may, however, be able to help: contact the Access Office in your higher education institution.

Some banks provide bridging loans for students who are awaiting their grant payment where the student can provide official documentary evidence on grant approval. Check this out with student banking officers in the main banks.


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